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Proficiency in English

  • Course Fee:USD 200 + admission Fee – USD20
  • Requirement:

    Recruitment procedure for part-time studies
    - Students Who High School Diploma holder


Preparatory course aimed to acquire English proficiency in order to pursue a 3 year International Business Relations program offered by EEC.

  • to acquire skills which will allow to understand and discuss a wide coverage of topics encompassing General English and English for Specific Purposes;
  • to be able to formulate and articulate opinions and present arguments on issues related to academic education and international issues, including business, media, society, law, finance and international relations


  • Communicative Approach triggering discussion based on handouts, readings/articles, case studies, presentations and 4 skills


  • People and relationships. Talking about yourself and how to perceive others  building relationships / performance arts
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • The Media & Technology – traditional vs. electronic media, analog vs. digital technology
  • Work and study – colleagues and daily routines / careers and promotions
  • Functional vocabulary for social interaction
  • Basic discursive concepts – expressing facts, opinions, desires
  • Idioms, phrasal verbs, word-formation
  • Language and Gender – social class
  • Society & Institutions
  • World Issues – selection of contemporary world problems
  • Travel & The Environment

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