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  • Course Fee:USD 7000 + admission Fee – USD150
  • Requirement:

    Recruitment procedure for part-time studies
    -Bachelor's Degree holder
    -English approval IELTS 5.5 Certificate (or) upper intermediate level Certificate

The MBA program for the IT industry is a new initiative of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and Microsoft. The main assumption of the study program is to provide students with modern, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management useful in the work environment in the IT industry. The study program allows you to get acquainted with the general economic, cultural, social and political conditions related to the regional and global economy in which the manager and his company function and give students the knowledge and specialist tools to develop competences in the field of IT management and practical managerial skills .


The Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Techniques has been educating since 1994. It is the best non-public technical university in the country awarded by employers, students and the media. In terms of fields of study, in the IT trends category, it is in the top ten in the country, thus overtaking many public universities and polytechnics. From the very beginning of its existence, the university draws attention to adapting education programs to the needs of the labor market.


Microsoft is one of the largest global companies in the information technology industry. It has been operating continuously since 1975. Microsoft’s mission is to help people and companies around the world realize their full potential. Microsoft in Poland has been implementing social and educational initiatives for many years. He tries to create opportunities for people to learn and acquire new skills, contribute to economic development and serve the public good. The initiatives it undertakes in this direction are of a strategic and long-term nature, because such action can bring about a real change.


Studies are taught to seek it tools to solve business problems, matching appropriate technological methods to business needs, as well as show potential of technological innovation and its areas of application. Provide an excellent basis for a dynamic professional development and growth effects.


Technology is changing today’s games and forces you to look at the issues from a new perspective. Therefore, a candidate for an MBA for the IT industry is a person whose professional challenges and further professional development will constitute the broader areas of the IT industry, as well as cooperation with departments. The MBA study program for the IT industry is aimed at middle managers, and senior.


• Advertising •  IT Projects Management
• Marketing Management • Methods and Tools in IT Projects Management
• Gamification • Strategic Management – Start-Up
• Negotiations • Team Management
• Public Relations • Finance Techniques
• Information security management • Modern Financial Management
• Business Process Modeling MPB • Strategy of Enterprise Crisis Management in the Information
• IT Implementations • Human Resources Management

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