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Diploma in Business Management

  • Course Fee:450000/- Kyats + Admission Fee - 50000/-Kyats
  • Requirement:

    Students Who Second Year by any Major or Bachelor’ Degree holder or a Higher National Diploma holder
    English approval IELTS 5.5 Certificate (or) upper intermediate level Certificate

1.Company Structure and Project Management
This Course review the various organization have to structure their work and their decision making process. Additionally, students will get to know, how project management works, what are its methodologies and people roles in it

2. Business Cycle and role of government
The foucus of this course is the business cycle, what it is, what kind of factors change its behavior and government intervention on it, interventions and actions it can undertake to influcence the business cycle.

3. Marketing and Branding
Main purpose of this course is to learn what is difference between marketing and branding and why it is important not to mix those meanings.

4. Human potentail Management
Managing human performance is in the center of any organization playing a critical role in predicting employees behavior, attitudes and performances. How to do it, making sure that valued employees will reach their full capabilities and what are the tools will be the focus of this course.

5. Managing work flow
In a dynamic and increasingly competitive business environment managers and team leaders must organize appropriately flow of work, allowing consumer demands to be met. Students willl get to know common concepts of workflow as well as workflow management systems.

6. Accounting and financial management
This Course will introduce participants to knowledge in central areas of financial management of firms, covering topics such as firm evaluation, financing , investments, fundamental knowledge concerning bookkeeping as well as risk management.

7. Entrepreneurs, Venture Captial and Market
This course will provide participants with an understanding of the challenges of owning, operating and marketing a business vernture. Additionally, convered will be information about identifying our current position on the market and when to venture on new territories.

Final Project (Choose 1 of 3 topic and prepare a 5 pages long paper)

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