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Diploma in Business English

  • Course Fee:450000/- Kyats + Admission Fee - 50000/-Kyats
  • Requirement:

    Students Who Second Year by any Major or Bachelor’ Degree holder or a Higher National Diploma holder
    English approval IELTS 5.5 Certificate (or) upper intermediate level Certificate

1.Staff development and training &Motivation, Job application procedure, descriptions and job satisfaction
Recruitment and training procedures, bonus schemes, goals, budgets
Letters of enquiry and applications Job titles, describing opinions and motivations

2. Promotional activities and Branding
How to promote a product
Introduction to marketing: product, price, place, promotion, Branding, Writing an advert

3. Business meetings, presenting your business idea
Talking about and conducting meetings arranging, conducting and summarizing meetings
Structuring and making a presentation.
Preparation and introduction of presentations, DOs and DON’Ts in terms of timing, voice, rapportBusiness reports, Research and surveys

4. Starting your company
The development process and market research, the business cycle, international trade, setting up and growing a business, cooperate governance, global issue for the 21 century.

5. Establishing Relationship & Negotiation

6. New Product Development
Launching a product, marketing activities, Buyers, sellers and the market, markets and competitors

7. International Trade
Vocabulary: sales and costs, (UN) profitability, economies of scale, budgets & expenditureAssets, liabilities and the balance sheet, accounts and results,

Final Project (Choose 1 of 3 topic and prepare a 5 pages long paper)

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