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Executive MBA

  • Course Fee:USD 9000 + admission Fee – USD150
  • Requirement:

    Recruitment procedure for part-time studies
    -Bachelor's Degree holder with minimum of two year of professional experience who submits a complete application for evaluation by the Admission Committee-English approval IELTS 5.5 Certificate (or) upper intermediate level Certificate

Program Overview

The Executive MBA is a 14 months* dynamic program designed to provide participants with the global view of business. In today’s fast-changing environment PJA University seeks to provide participants with the edge in the business world, through a program that promotes creativity, entrepreneurship and ideas from around the globe. New dimensions in business and in public life generate needs for business leaders with excellent knowledge of economics, management, leadership, IT in Business and the praxis in international business.

Program Methodology

The Executive MBA uses a practical educational approach based largely on the use of the Case Method. The different subjects are studied through the use of real business cases, presented and discussed during class sessions by the students themselves under guidance of the professor. This methodology introduces the students to the main problems facing companies, allowing the development of decision-making abilities


• Leadership in Business • Strategic Management and Implementation of the Strategy
• Leadership and Organizational Culture • From Strategy to Execution
• Coaching in the Organization • Conflict Management
• Global Economic and Market • Building and Management of the Teams
• Presentation Skills • Motivating Individuals and Teams;
• Public Management From Government to Government • Creative Thinking for Decision Making &Decision Analysis
• IT Implementations • Energy and Stress Management
• Cybersecurity • Negotiations
• Doing Business on the Global Market • Financial Management and Policies
• International Institutions in Economy • Debts Management
• Multicultural Business Environment • Advertising Standards
• China/ Japan as Business Partner • Branding
• Europe Business Partner • Etiquette in Business

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